Fyffes Group See ‘Immediate Benefits’ with Membership of Coolload's European Freight Exchange System

The Fyffes Group, the international fruit importers, report immediate savings upon joining Coolload.

Commenting on the new freight exchange system, Fyffes Transport Supervisor, Jim Caustick, is upbeat.

"We transport significant amounts of bananas from ports across the UK and Europe and, owing to the fluctuations in load requirements, we are constantly looking for hauliers with spare capacity.  In order to do this in the past we would refer to a book of approximately 200 hauliers which meant hundreds of phone calls and lots of time.  Now, I am pleased to say, using Coolload’s specialist temperature-controlled haulier database, we can make our arrangements at the press of a button.  Furthermore”, adds Caustick, “we have, in a very short time, added good calibre hauliers to our list.  It works, easily pays for itself and I would certainly recommend it."

The Fyffes Group distributes fruit and vegetables worldwide, and has a turnover exceeding €2 billion.  It is among the five largest fresh produce distributors in the world, employing around 3,000 people in more than 10 countries operating from over 75 locations.