Eardley International Broaden Customer Base and Cut Costs With Coolload

Eardley International, the Lockerbie-based European haulage company, have benefited from membership of Coolload’s on-line freight exchange system with a broadened customer base, better utilised assets and reduced costs.

Eardley International operates their fleet of artic reefers throughout Europe, exporting meat products from the UK to the continent and returning with back loads of fruit, vegetables or frozen goods, as the season dictates.

Eardley International were one of the first companies to become members of Coolload’s innovative refrigerated freight exchange system.  Graham Eardley, Managing Director, was looking to expand the company’s database, increase utilisation and reduce costs,

"Thanks to Coolload we are now utilising our assets much better, largely due to our expanded customer base and easier access to return loads.  In addition, the cost benefits are obvious; compared to running empty, the cost of using the system is minimal.  The Coolload website is a great market place for this specialist sector."

Eardley International have used the Coolload system, which is unique to the refrigerated transport industry, as both a transporter and a load provider,

"As a load provider we know that the loads we post on the site are broadcast industry-wide and will generate a speedy response.”  Eardley continued, “Also, as a transporter with an empty vehicle, we are likely to find a load much more quickly and easily on the Coolload site rather than wasting valuable man hours on the phone."