Discover the benefits of Transfrigoroute membership

Coolload is pleased to announce that it has joined Transfrigoroute - the trade association dedicated to the UK temperature-controlled transportation industry. Transfrigoroute is owned and managed by its members and exists to support and promote the UK temperature-controlled transport industry. The benefits of membership include:

  • Technical support relating to operational and product issues
  • Free access to Transfrigoroute's resources and periodic bulletins about issues affecting the industry
  • The use of Transfrigoroute to help publicise your services and products and assistance in overcoming problems
  • Appearance of your company in the association's magazine and a link to your company website on the Transfrigoroute website
  • Attendance at member meetings and a chance to influence legislative proposals affecting the industry

Further information about Transfrigoroute UK and the benefits of membership can be found at or by phoning them on 01326 569657.