Coolload was established in 2002 and our DTI award-winning website service 'matches' load providers' who are seeking transport for their available freight with hauliers who specialise in temperature-controlled transport throughout the UK and Europe (other freight - such as ambient - can also be publicised via the system).

The system works very simply and is constantly monitored. Users can register for free either as a 'Load Provider', or for a free trial as a 'Transporter'. 'Load Providers' are able to publicise available freight loads or rate requests and also to view the available vehicles on offer. 'Transporters' are further able to see the available freight loads on offer. 'Transporter' accounts are suitable for transport companies seeking to find loads for their vehicles and increasing their industry contacts. 'Load Provider' accounts are suitable mainly for companies that don't run their own vehicles (or are not seeking freight for them), but who have transport requirements (e.g. food and pharma companies, logistics companies, freight forwarders etc.)

Load Provider Information

A 'Load Provider' can register for FREE and there is NO CHARGE or any commission for posting temperature-controlled freight loads on the website load board: it is totally free. Once you have registered, you can post a freight load by simply logging in to the website and clicking on 'Create New Load'. Then follow the simple on-screen instructions and let the Coolload system do the rest! Within a few minutes, details of your freight load and your contact information are automatically sent via email to hundreds of temperature-controlled hauliers throughout the UK and Europe. Simply sit back and wait for them to contact you.

Please note that if you register only as a load provider, you will not have access to the load board or be able to receive load alerts by email. If you wish to gain additional access to these services you will need to register as a transporter instead (see below).

  • Save time and money - get quick responses from responsible hauliers at no cost and at the click of a mouse button. All hauliers are checked for Operators' Licences etc.
  • No need to phone around looking for hauliers - the Coolload system automatically does the work for you. So, whether you have a last-minute transport requirement for a 10g sample or a quote for future full trailer loads, Coolload can help.
  • Get your freight loads collected and delivered throughout the UK and Europe.
  • Gain instant access to hundreds of hauliers operating thousands of refrigerated trucks.
  • We make NO CHARGE or commission to load providers.

Transporter Information

Registering as a 'transporter' allows you to receive 'load alert' emails about newly-available freight loads, and/or to view the loads on the website, and also to publicise your own freight loads and available vehicles to other users. When you register for your free trial, you will be asked to enter your contact details, but you will NOT be asked for financial information. You will also be invited to adapt the Coolload service so that it best meets your needs. For instance, you can opt to receive 'load alerts' to your email address and can select the countries and regions in which your company normally operates, ensuring that you always receive information that is both up-to-date and relevant to your company's requirements.

The benefits of the Coolload service are easy to see:

  • Receive emails about available UK and European freight loads within minutes of them becoming available.
  • Publicise your available vehicles to hundreds of companies, giving you a better opportunity to reduce empty running
  • Gain valuable new industry contacts.
  • Keep your trucks loaded and increase your profitability.
  • Save time and money looking for that elusive load.
  • Adapt the system to your needs - you pick the routes you are interested in and whether you wish to receive email 'load alerts'
  • Publicise your own freight loads free of additional charge.

See for yourself how Coolload can help drive your company profits up - sign up below for your no obligation FREE trial. Note that you only need to contact us at the end of your free trial if you want to discuss subscription.

Transporter Fees

Should you wish to subscribe to Coolload, we offer a subscription service at the following rates:

  • £30 (&VAT in UK) or €40 per month for full access to the service, including email alerts (at no additional cost) if you wish to receive them. THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL OR HIDDEN FEES: you can search the online load board and/or receive email load alerts at no additional cost, and you can terminate monthly subscription with one month's notice.
  • Annual subscription is available at a 25% discount (i.e. £270 & VAT in UK, or €330).

You can subscribe securely by debit/credit card via Worldpay or by using PayPal: for both methods, just log in to Coolload with your previous username and password and then follow the simple instructions. You can also pay your monthly subscription by standing order or regular monthly bank transfer, and annual subscription can be made by bank transfer, card payment over the phone, or cheque. Please contact us if you wish to pay by any method other than Paypal/Worldpay or if you have any further questions.

Contact Us

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Telephone: +44 (0)2920 211 053

Company Registration Number: 4452347
Vat Number: 800 8245 60