SDM Expand Business, Gain Time and Save Money with Coolload's European Refrigerated Freight Exchange Service

'System Is Easy To Use and Has Further Sharpened Competitive Edge'

Bedford-based SDM European Transport Ltd, who transport frozen and chilled goods throughout Europe, are in the ideal situation of having more loads to transport than their own fleet of 15 temperature-controlled trailers can mange and so sub-contract an additional 30 - 40% of freight loads.  Almost half of these sub-contracted loads are picked up through the European refrigerated freight exchange service Coolload, which has facilitated expansion of SDM’s business and provided considerable time and cost savings.

Due to the fluctuating volumes of their customers’ products, SDM began sub-contracting additional work six years ago, allowing them to handle much more business than if they had simply used their own fleet. Being a member of Coolload has not only greatly facilitated the process of finding third parties to transport the loads but also expanded SDM’s contact base within the industry - including throughout Europe - as new members from further afield join the Coolload membership each week.

"When loads come in we decide to either transport them ourselves or sub-contract them to one of the many companies that we regularly deal with that are more ideally located.  If we sub-contract them we post them on the Coolload website, simultaneously start going through our contact base and see which source provides the solution first”, says Martin Hodgkins, Director.  “I would say that Coolload provide the solution about 40% of the time."

In addition to making life easier for SDM, the Coolload service has expanded their contacts database, provided savings and increased competitiveness.

"Coolload has allowed us to broaden our contact base, make time & cost savings and our employees can now concentrate on other traffic issues, therefore making us more efficient on the whole and sharpening our competitive edge."

Finally, concludes Hodgkins,

"Coolload has provided transporters from all over Europe.  The system is very easy to use, compared with some of its competition, and I'm sure we gain more positive results, compared to other load providers because of Coolload."